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Cool Websites With Free Web Tools & Widgets

FREE and useful website tools
FREE and useful website tools
There are several cool websites out there with tools to make your blogs and websites more productive and colorful. I've created a list of useful sites with a variety of tips and widgets. Whether you are looking for an email program or an image slideshow you'll be sure to find something your readers will love.
Make a slideshow, it's free!
Make a slideshow, it's free!

Create a Slideshow on your Website

Readers love pictures and the more they can view the better. Why not spruce up your latest article or site header with a slideshow? provides a fairly easy to use tool that will do just that. Simply upload your pictures and copy the code, add it to your html code box and you are pretty much good to go. You can even add captions and backgrounds. Plus, it is mobile friendly too! Oh, did I mention it's free?
An email generator and distributor, simply embed the sign up tool on your site.
An email generator and distributor, simply embed the sign up tool on your site. 

Email Tool: Newsletter Sign Up Tools has a free service, upgrades available, for emailing your notices and newsletters. They even have easy to use email and newsletter templates. You can even integrate it into Facebook and Wordpress sites for easier sign ups.
By the way, the free version isn't too shabby, you can send out emails up to 2,000 subscribers a month, not bad!
Add social media share buttons to your websites and blogs.
Add social media share buttons to your websites and blogs. 

Add Social Media Buttons

There are quite a few widgets out there for setting up social media buttons. You can add them to your images, articles, sidebars and headers. Check out the various options at
They have free codes as well as a pro upgrade.

Add a twitter feed and follow button to your website and blogs. Simply go to Twitter's widget page.
Add a twitter feed and follow button to your website and blogs. Simply go to Twitter's widget page. 

Add a Twitter Feed

Your Bio and home pages could benefit from a real time twitter feed of your latest tweets. It also encourages site visitors to follow you straight from your site. You can go straight to twitter and add their widget here

Tools for Schools

Cool Tools for Schools is a must for all online users! This is an unbelievable resource. You will want to be sure and bookmark this one. The site is called Cool Tools for Schools. Don't let the name fool you, it is truly not limited to schools. Once you open the link click one of the sidebar options and begin exploring - you'll want to surf through all of them. EVERY sidebar link features approximately 50 incredible sites...
  • presentation tools
  • collaborative tools
  • research tools
  • video tools
  • slideshow tools
  • audio tools
  • image tools
  • drawing tools
  • writing tools
  • music tools
  • organizing tools
  • converting tools
  • mapping tools
  • quiz and poll tools
  • graphing tools
  • creativity tools
  • widgets
  • file storage & web pages
  • other helpful sites
  • creative commons
  • teacher resources
Additional sites...
This website deserves a hub of its own. These tools are amazing and are a must see to appreciate. I especially liked the flipsnack.
  • flipsnack; convert PDF's into stylish flipbooks
  • bannersnack; high quality flash banner maker
  • tubesnack; custom video players & playlists
  • quizsnack; online surveys & polls
  • podsnack; custom web audio players
  • photosnack; professional quality photo slideshows
Spell with flickr is a fun tool for creating words out of images from flickr. Simply type in the name and you will be given the image and an html code to cut and paste into your blog or website. 
No need to manually link and attribute flickr photos. Just enter in the URL of the picture page and ImageCodr will generate the ready to use HTML code. It will also display a brief and easy license summary, so you don't get in legal trouble because you missed something. Just cut and past the html code into your blog or website and ImageCode takes care of copyright credits.
Photovisi is a free and easy to use online photo collage maker. Select one of the many designs, add your photos and then customize by dragging items around. After the collage is finished, it's available for download
Great for blogs, parents, grandparents and social media
Categories include;
  • girly
  • popular
  • nature
  • abstract
  • organic
  • fun
  • congratulations
  • weddings
  • holidays
  • sports

Here is a fun site for creating images, shapes, word mosaics and more.
Templates and tools include;
  • banners
  • soccer jerseys
  • basketball jerseys
  • football jerseys
  • poetry blender
  • flower text
  • word mosaics
  • awareness ribbons

Fresh out of writing ideas? Need to stimulate your brain and come up with a writing prompt? Try writingprompts. This site features questions, images and graphics that will inspire writing ideas. Shake those thoughts loose and end your writer's block.
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