Student Quips: The 'sagetarian'

True stories of daily interactions with students.

Me: Standing in the hallway and monitoring the morning rush of middle school students.

Student #1: While opening her locker she tells her friend, 'I'm a sagetarian'

Student #2: Really? I didn't know you didn't eat meat.

Students #1 and #2: (Happily walk away while giggling and admiring their outfits.)

Student #3: (A well known Gifted and Talented student grunts, slams his locker and passes me while telling me) And this is the future of America I have to look forward to....sheesh!

Student #4: (Slamming his locker and chasing after student #3.) Dude, what's the problem?!

Student #3: (Flustered) She is supposed to say she is a vegetarian!

Student #4: Really? I didn't know she wanted to care for dogs.

Student #3: (Screams) Get away from me! You fricken' people are contagious!


Never a dull day, lol

Food Varieties: Types of Rice, Vinegar and Mushrooms

I wrote a mini-series on a variety of food types. Who knew there were so many varieties of rice or vinegar? There are also quite a few varieties of mushrooms. I invite you to learn more about these common food items and include them in your dishes...

Each title will take you to the respective article on

Types of Rice: Long and Short Grain Varieties

The health benefits of rice are many. Describes a variety of rice types, including flavors and fragrance. Covers 11 types of rice: brown, white, long and short.

Mushrooms: Types, Uses and Health Benefits

Describes the health benefits of mushrooms, nutrients and how some varieties are used in dishes and recipes. 9 types of mushrooms are identified and described.

Vinegar: Types, Uses and Recipe Ideas

Vinegar has been around for centuries and can be created from a variety of fermented foods. There are several types, flavors, uses and benefits of vinegar. This article provides descriptions of the different types of vinegar and includes a few recipe and use ideas.

Facing Asperger's: The Girl in the Next Room

MH Olivares
Copyright 2011/2012
All Rights Reserved

Facing Asperger's: The Girl in the Next Room

The girl in the next room sits pressed against a wall
I need her to know I am just across the hall

Her classmates are real noisy and sometimes even nosey
I want to take her to my room where it's quieter and cozy

The girl in the next room sits pressed against a wall
I need her to know I am just across the hall

The other day I heard that she was gnawing at her hands
The yelling in the classrooom was far from her initial plans

The girl in the next room sits pressed against a wall
I need her to know I am just across the hall

Tears began to stream and her teacher tried to help
She shunned him and she turned away in a screaming silent yelp

The girl in the next room sits pressed against a wall
I need her to know I am just across the hall

Her classmates laughed and pointed, I'm sure she was dissapointed
Her friend approached trying not to encroach as she gently lent a hand

The girl in the next room sits pressed against a wall
I need her to know I am just across the hall

the girl next door talked to her counselor and finally took a stand
she said it gets too noisy and they just don't understand

The girl in the next room sits pressed against a wall
I need her to know I am just across the hall

she asked if they could help her set up some sort of plan
It is now my turn to tell her I'll give her a helping hand

The girl in the next room sits pressed against a wall
I need her to know I am just across the hall

Call it fate or sheer coincidence because it is my conference
Perhaps the day will come for her to accept me with confidence

The girl in the next room sits pressed against a wall
I need her to know I am just across the hall

Tomorrow is the day that I will heed the call
and let her know I have a space for her just across the hall
Hub suggestions...
There are many first hand parental accounts of autism and Asperger's however, few are told from the actual person living in the spectrum. Please consider following and supporting fellow "hubber" Drummond1758 as he continues his series...
I would also like to take this time to recommend "hubber" BaileyBear. She has written many enlightening hubs. She shares her experiences in dealing with Asperger's within herself, her son and even with her cat Rocky. BaileyBear's Asperger Hubs
Originally published on 10/30/2011

Poetic Prose: A Shackled Plea

MH Olivares
Copyright 2011/2012
All Rights Reserved

To thee I say, yours are tears of bleeding words pumped from a shackled heart.

Your pen is your stake, which you use to futilely carve away encrusted locks of pain; although your heart seems empty a tsunami waits to roar. It is this as to why you keep it shackled and keep her behind the door.
You know your pain may burst away and what you grip will cease, as rivers of her memory slowly drift, creep, seep.
As time devours our being and chisels at our bone – within that cage that held your heart we'll find a withered stone.
Its fossilized thump shall glare upon the skies where winds have ceased. It is then that it will be too late for your soul or inner peace.
I plead to thee - extend thy arm within your black abyss and grab yourself from inside out and find a drop of bliss.
Inspiration for A Shackled Plea
I had noticed a trend in poetry in which the author's tone was bitter over a lost love. The bitterness was persistent, steadfast and all consuming. I remembered that wonderful scene in Moonstruck - the one where Cher slaps Nicolas Cage and says, "Snap out of it!". I also thought of various characters in literature with the "whooooaaaa is me" profile. It was through this thought process that A Shackled Plea was inspired.

Authored by; Marisa Hammond Olivares 2011/2012
Original Text was published on under the pen name, MissOlive on 9/18/11
Copyright 2011/20122
All Rights Reserved

Rambling Camera Rolls: South Padre Island or Bust!

This morning was a slow start for me. My motivation to write and develop my pending website has been more than a bit stunted. I've been spinning some pretty unproductive wheels lately. I have also not taken the time to spend with my son, mom or cousin (my hubby was usual). So I said, you know what mom? Let's go have lunch at Clayton's! Clayton's is basically a HUGE deck that looks over the Gulf of Mexico and it is located at South Padre Island. It took three women and my son less than an hour to be dressed and in the van....yes, this is impressive for this crew.
Anyway, I made pretty good timing on the road. The only concern was the freaked out dude in the white pick-up truck that kept slowing down, speeding up, changing lanes and maneuvering all over the highway. This of course turned my mom into a bundle of nerves. Mom, by the way, is usually my white knuckled passanger. She sits STRAIGHT up and presses her back against the seat while she grips the door and armrest....tightly. So you get the full image, she has the tendency to slam on the invisible brakes from her passenger seat. It is actually kind of comical. And before you even think it...I am NOT a bad driver....SHE is a nervous passenger. I hear AY!....Ohhh! and...plenty of sighs every time I drive her anywhere.
Well, we were at the beach and seated in an hour and a half.

Here is the view from our table:

Fried shrimp and oysters for me! Oh, would this be a bad time to mention I wrote an article on the worst foods that cause belly fat? Ahem hhhmmmm here

I seriously wanted to sit here for a good while. There is just something about the sound of the surf and the rolling waves that transports me....sigh

These guys were hoping I'd give them food. Sorry Charlie...

Well, I had to blow a kiss goodbye to the crashing waves, the moments of tranquility, the freakishly tempting fried foods and head back home. But first, we had to stop at a seashell souvenir shop...

Until next time.....adios Isla Padre!

Rambling Camera Rolls...

Art graces my middle school walls and I just had to share. There is just something about it that is nostalgic and warms the heart. Enjoy...

Marisa Hammond Olivares, copyright 2012, all rights reserved

Prose: My High Flying Angel

My High Flying Angel

MH Olivares
copyright 2012
all rights reserved

My high flying angel, poor thing is she, heavily armored and prepared, as she stays ahead of me
I imagine her with kneepads and a helmet too, maybe even rofllerblades to keep me from the tomb
She must be the breeze I feel as she rushes past, when I'm about to make a decision, or one I should just pass
I hear her in the wind-chimes as she distracts me from strange thoughts, I thought I heard a catcher's mitt the day they threw those rocks
My high flying angel, she stays ahead of me, saving me from others and even saving me from me!
She free falls from heaven - 24/7, her wings grabbing at the wind and surely always rev-in
My high flying angel must have been a roller derby queen, anyone that crosses me is surely getting reemed
She must be exhausted carrying her golden shield, perhaps I should slow down at times, at least maybe yield
My high flying angel, chosen from above, bringing me the peace I need with the cooing of a dove
My high flying angel keeps me out of shadows and always stays ahead of those that lead me toward their gallows
My high flying angel will receive me in her arms, one day I shall meet her and thank her for keeping me from harm
My high flying angel, she was assigned to me, I love her for the help she lends and for letting me be me
she may sigh a breath of relief when it is time for me to go, I'll embrace her in my arms and maybe never let her go

The Inspiration...

I opted to be a bit lighthearted with this one and let my imagination run.
Do you believe in guardian angels? Have you ever stopped to wonder what he or she looks like? Think about it, what poor soul may have been assigned to watch over each of us? Do they have a say in what happens? Do they have human characteristics and personalities? Do they cry with us in sadness and rejoice with our successes?
These are the questions I began to wonder one day. I do believe I have a guardian angel and the other day it occurred to me what she has had to endure. I picture my angel as strong, feisty and witty, She most likely laughs when I laugh and probably rolls her eyes quite a bit. I imagine she might try to cover my mouth at times or distracts me in whichever way she can. She has certainly had to be on guard many times and she has probably figured out my foes far before I have figured it out. With that said, these thoughts and my crazy imagination have created a custom fitted high flying angel that could put any roller derby diva to shame.
What do you think your guardian angel looks like?

Authored by, MH OlivaresCopyright 2012All rights reservedOriginally published on 6/12/2012 on HubPages.comRepublished 6/16/2012

Haiku: Worn Woman Worn

Haiku: Worn Woman Worn

At the Ruin,  scottmliddell
At the Ruin, scottmliddell
MH Olivares
copyright 2012
all rights reserved

Solitaire woman
old among the green fresh grass
hair like a thatched roof

calloused feet on dew
bearing fruits upon her back
furrows wedge her brow

the mind, memory
the heart, overflows with love
the eyes, vision filled

hips, brittle from child
breasts, he no longer cradles
lips, lined with journeys

shoulders, droop with past
knees aching, buckle from strain
hands, losing flourish

river within, life
river within, babbling
river within, drip

tenacious till end
breath, rises to song above
worn shroud, now white gown

grace and dignity
furrows begin to erode
life begins anew

lifted above pain
she was a worn woman worn
undressed from duty

This Haiku was simply inspired by a single photograph. It is not the photograph used above. The photograph was of a young woman that looked old beyond her years. She looked tired, worn, but she also appeared tenacious yet, resigned. There was definitely a determined air about her. Perhaps one of honor and duty. Of mother and wife. She stood on wet grass in a rural village - alone. The homes behind her were made with thatched roofs and it appeared to have been taken with morning light. I had the impression she was stopped for the photo while she was on her way to a local market. For some reason I instantly envisioned her life and death - her travels.
The photograph was part of a slideshow from a training I had recently attended. I was unable to attain the photograph and found the photo used above. The training was for language educators in the International Baccalaureate program. Our trainer asked us to select a photograph from the slideshow that had made an impact on us and asked us to write a four verse poem. I wrote six and did not want to stop. I had been itching to do some creative writing and this was an unexpected chance that I relished. It was at the training that the first two stanzas of Worn Woman, Woman Worn were created.
It is amazing how a simple photograph can inspire the mind to write a verse. Perhaps it is the people watcher in me. I could be sitting at a light and wonder about the driver next to me. Where do they work? What troubles do they have? Have they been hurt? Was it profound? It is simply the way my mind travels with thought. With that said, the woman in the Haiku above had traveled her journey and was entering a new one. She lived, she loved, she shared and she left with grace and acceptance of her new garment beyond our world.
Authored by, MH OlivaresCopyright 2012All Rights Reserved(Originally published on 6/6/2012. Republished 10/14/2012 on the 19th anniversary of my paternal grandmother's passing)

Rambling Camera Rolls...

Patterns are a part of our life and you can find them in just about anything. Identifying these patterns in my son was one of the characteristics that led to his diagnosis of autism years ago. It had been quite a while since he had created any obvious patterns and lately he has been asking for styrofoam cups. He was especially adamant about getting his hands on some solo cone cups. My husband finally brought him some and he was incredibly ecstatic. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the kitchen and found this...
Marisa Hammond Olivares
copyright 2012
If you'd like to learn more about our journey with autism you are welcome to read my ongoing series, Understanding Autism in Children: A Mom's Story and Perspective

Reflections and Perspectives: A Look into Mine

Look upon the water and reflect on its current. Don’t dive in blindly and let it sweep you away, floating aimlessly where others carry you. Did you even see where the current gained speed? As it swiftly pulled you into its depths? Beware! There are lies within churning white water. Swim! Don’t let your view be hindered from the approaching jagged rock. Reach for the shore and pull yourself out from flicking tongues of fluid flames. Hurry! Before smoldering lava forms steadfast hands across your arms and mouth. Don’t allow the current to drown your voice into the depths of suffocating confusion. Rise! Reach the surface before you hit the waterfall around the bend. Stand! Stand on the shore and gaze upstream and then stop and see where you are headed. Find your footing and move...move...move...Onward! 
Marisa Hammond Olivares, copyright 2012

Perspective is a point of view, but should it only be your own? Do you ever reflect on an opposing point of view, or of those that remain quiet? You just might be surprised of what you’ll find when evaluating an opposing opinion. It isn't just about your own point of view, it is about knowing that there is more than one side to every story. This understanding and acknowledgement then become knowledge. You need not agree or defend, but simply acknowledge and respect the voice of others. Do not stop a voice from being heard as sometimes the message does not lie in what they are saying but in where they have been. Learn from it and understand it. All of our shoes have been worn down through our own respective journeys.

Reflection – Although one should move forward and not dwell on the past, they should reflect on the various outcomes of their lives.  You cannot simply drive a car and not look into your side and rearview mirrors.  One should know what is coming up behind them and beside them.  We must learn when to yield, turn, stop or accelerate.  Do you know and assess your limitations and strengths? And, do you acknowledge those that travel the same road? Or, do you veer into their lanes? Forcing those around you to adjust their speed and direction? As you reflect on your journey, keep an open perspective towards those that share in your path and maybe move over when need be or speed up and keep with the pace.

Inquiry – Develop and nourish your own natural curiosity for learning and personal development. Reach for independent growth while providing a lending hand to those in need. Reach out, seek and assist, but do not boast of your knowledge. There is always another that knows more and will boast louder than your wail.  As you inquire to fulfill your needs, be reflective of what you’ve learned and keep an open perspective of those who enlightened you along the way.

Principled – Embrace integrity and honesty. Respond with fairness and community. Ensure solidarity and unity while acknowledging individuality with dignity and respect.  Lead yourself responsibly and accept the consequences of your actions. Evaluate the perspective of principled role models. Reflect on the consequences of your actions and inquire on how to perfect your pending journey. And never forget to defend and look upon the muffled, their voice is louder than you think...perhaps it is yours.
30 Striking Examples of Reflection in Photography
photo is as attributed
all text is authored by,  Marisa Hammond Olivares,  copyright 2012

all rights reserved