Food Varieties: Types of Rice, Vinegar and Mushrooms

I wrote a mini-series on a variety of food types. Who knew there were so many varieties of rice or vinegar? There are also quite a few varieties of mushrooms. I invite you to learn more about these common food items and include them in your dishes...

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Types of Rice: Long and Short Grain Varieties

The health benefits of rice are many. Describes a variety of rice types, including flavors and fragrance. Covers 11 types of rice: brown, white, long and short.

Mushrooms: Types, Uses and Health Benefits

Describes the health benefits of mushrooms, nutrients and how some varieties are used in dishes and recipes. 9 types of mushrooms are identified and described.

Vinegar: Types, Uses and Recipe Ideas

Vinegar has been around for centuries and can be created from a variety of fermented foods. There are several types, flavors, uses and benefits of vinegar. This article provides descriptions of the different types of vinegar and includes a few recipe and use ideas.

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  1. I remember each of these posts. I love rice, I love vinegar...even rice vinegar! LOL. My hubby really wants to grow shitake mushrooms. I told him he can, but he'd better not expect me to eat them. I just can't deal with the texture. Hehe.