Haiku: Worn Woman Worn

Haiku: Worn Woman Worn

At the Ruin,  scottmliddell
At the Ruin, scottmliddell
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MH Olivares
copyright 2012
all rights reserved

Solitaire woman
old among the green fresh grass
hair like a thatched roof

calloused feet on dew
bearing fruits upon her back
furrows wedge her brow

the mind, memory
the heart, overflows with love
the eyes, vision filled

hips, brittle from child
breasts, he no longer cradles
lips, lined with journeys

shoulders, droop with past
knees aching, buckle from strain
hands, losing flourish

river within, life
river within, babbling
river within, drip

tenacious till end
breath, rises to song above
worn shroud, now white gown

grace and dignity
furrows begin to erode
life begins anew

lifted above pain
she was a worn woman worn
undressed from duty

This Haiku was simply inspired by a single photograph. It is not the photograph used above. The photograph was of a young woman that looked old beyond her years. She looked tired, worn, but she also appeared tenacious yet, resigned. There was definitely a determined air about her. Perhaps one of honor and duty. Of mother and wife. She stood on wet grass in a rural village - alone. The homes behind her were made with thatched roofs and it appeared to have been taken with morning light. I had the impression she was stopped for the photo while she was on her way to a local market. For some reason I instantly envisioned her life and death - her travels.
The photograph was part of a slideshow from a training I had recently attended. I was unable to attain the photograph and found the photo used above. The training was for language educators in the International Baccalaureate program. Our trainer asked us to select a photograph from the slideshow that had made an impact on us and asked us to write a four verse poem. I wrote six and did not want to stop. I had been itching to do some creative writing and this was an unexpected chance that I relished. It was at the training that the first two stanzas of Worn Woman, Woman Worn were created.
It is amazing how a simple photograph can inspire the mind to write a verse. Perhaps it is the people watcher in me. I could be sitting at a light and wonder about the driver next to me. Where do they work? What troubles do they have? Have they been hurt? Was it profound? It is simply the way my mind travels with thought. With that said, the woman in the Haiku above had traveled her journey and was entering a new one. She lived, she loved, she shared and she left with grace and acceptance of her new garment beyond our world.
Authored by, MH OlivaresCopyright 2012All Rights Reserved(Originally published on HubPages.com 6/6/2012. Republished 10/14/2012 on the 19th anniversary of my paternal grandmother's passing)


  1. This was absolutely beautiful and truly enjoyed how you did indeed write this in response to a simple photograph. Just amazing how a woman can ages beyond her years with added daily stresses.

  2. This is getting close to home I am afraid. But it make me realize..we all have a time to be young. We are always young to someone and old to another..even if someone is 10 years old..a five year old will consider her old.

  3. Very beautiful. Lovely words and creative. Oh, the wonders of life. :)

  4. This was a wonderful piece. It is just amazing how much you can get from one picture. The now the craziness of a situation is how a picture can be interpretted so many different ways. Well done!

  5. Very humble, but intense and visual also! You maintained the haiku and did a great job!

  6. Honored by all the great responses! Thanks so much everyone...you made my evening and have motivated to keep writing. I know I tend to write informative articles...but I do miss the creative process...you know? :)