Impulse Buying: I Bought a Blog, now what do I do with it?

This girl (me) used to be an emotional shopper. It was REALLY bad. I'd have hanger after hanger of clothes with tags on them in my closet. How many black blouses and slacks does one really need? If it was a good deal and/or beautiful and if it was black, red, white or grey... I snagged and bought it.  I'd take inventory about every 3 months and realize how excessive my purchasing was. I eventually weened myself of this strange addiction and have tried very hard to keep my overflowing closet in order (that is another story).

Anyway, about a month ago I got a bit trigger happy and bought a blog. I couldn't help myself. The title was just too cute and I saw overwhelming My brain is echoing in hollow thoughts. Hello....hello....hello. What now?! (picture Timon from the Lion King jumping excitedly and pleading)

 Ok, the title of the blog? It is Never Too Latte. It wasn't enough that I was messing around with creating a new blog that I randomly entered this title. Oh no, not enough at all. Not only did I create the blog I actually forked out the $$$ to make it a .com. Yeah.... impulsive. So I went from clothes with tags in the closet to a blog on my blog list that is completely unworn.

So fellow bloggers, care to brainstorm? Do I dive into a world of teas and coffees? Do I perhaps go with inspirational stories and invite readers to an occasional cup of joe? I'm up to the challenge and think I can really make something of it. Warning, as of this post I'm all hyped up....I just finished off a venti caramel macchiato!

Well? What do ya' think? It is a completely clean slate with maybe just a coffee ring stain....hmmmmmm
What to do what to do......HELP?


  1. just changing your addiction.. NO problem here. We have to focus intensely on something in life. You are forgive a latte.

  2. Hello Marisa, I would give it a shot and try to improve the blog you bought with your own touch. Congrats to you and I think it will turn out to be a great one. Give it a try and see. No harm to at least try right?

  3. Never too latte for anything in life to ignite your passion---congrats!!! And enjoy!!