Poetic Prose: A Shackled Plea

MH Olivares
Copyright 2011/2012
All Rights Reserved

To thee I say, yours are tears of bleeding words pumped from a shackled heart.

Your pen is your stake, which you use to futilely carve away encrusted locks of pain; although your heart seems empty a tsunami waits to roar. It is this as to why you keep it shackled and keep her behind the door.
You know your pain may burst away and what you grip will cease, as rivers of her memory slowly drift, creep, seep.
As time devours our being and chisels at our bone – within that cage that held your heart we'll find a withered stone.
Its fossilized thump shall glare upon the skies where winds have ceased. It is then that it will be too late for your soul or inner peace.
I plead to thee - extend thy arm within your black abyss and grab yourself from inside out and find a drop of bliss.
Inspiration for A Shackled Plea
I had noticed a trend in poetry in which the author's tone was bitter over a lost love. The bitterness was persistent, steadfast and all consuming. I remembered that wonderful scene in Moonstruck - the one where Cher slaps Nicolas Cage and says, "Snap out of it!". I also thought of various characters in literature with the "whooooaaaa is me" profile. It was through this thought process that A Shackled Plea was inspired.

Authored by; Marisa Hammond Olivares 2011/2012
Original Text was published on HubPages.com under the pen name, MissOlive on 9/18/11
Copyright 2011/20122
All Rights Reserved

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  1. I love it! There are lots of references to water and flooding - that's really interesting because water is the elixir of life and we often "come alive" when we feel love. Fantastic post!!