Prose: My High Flying Angel

My High Flying Angel

MH Olivares
copyright 2012
all rights reserved

My high flying angel, poor thing is she, heavily armored and prepared, as she stays ahead of me
I imagine her with kneepads and a helmet too, maybe even rofllerblades to keep me from the tomb
She must be the breeze I feel as she rushes past, when I'm about to make a decision, or one I should just pass
I hear her in the wind-chimes as she distracts me from strange thoughts, I thought I heard a catcher's mitt the day they threw those rocks
My high flying angel, she stays ahead of me, saving me from others and even saving me from me!
She free falls from heaven - 24/7, her wings grabbing at the wind and surely always rev-in
My high flying angel must have been a roller derby queen, anyone that crosses me is surely getting reemed
She must be exhausted carrying her golden shield, perhaps I should slow down at times, at least maybe yield
My high flying angel, chosen from above, bringing me the peace I need with the cooing of a dove
My high flying angel keeps me out of shadows and always stays ahead of those that lead me toward their gallows
My high flying angel will receive me in her arms, one day I shall meet her and thank her for keeping me from harm
My high flying angel, she was assigned to me, I love her for the help she lends and for letting me be me
she may sigh a breath of relief when it is time for me to go, I'll embrace her in my arms and maybe never let her go

The Inspiration...

I opted to be a bit lighthearted with this one and let my imagination run.
Do you believe in guardian angels? Have you ever stopped to wonder what he or she looks like? Think about it, what poor soul may have been assigned to watch over each of us? Do they have a say in what happens? Do they have human characteristics and personalities? Do they cry with us in sadness and rejoice with our successes?
These are the questions I began to wonder one day. I do believe I have a guardian angel and the other day it occurred to me what she has had to endure. I picture my angel as strong, feisty and witty, She most likely laughs when I laugh and probably rolls her eyes quite a bit. I imagine she might try to cover my mouth at times or distracts me in whichever way she can. She has certainly had to be on guard many times and she has probably figured out my foes far before I have figured it out. With that said, these thoughts and my crazy imagination have created a custom fitted high flying angel that could put any roller derby diva to shame.
What do you think your guardian angel looks like?

Authored by, MH OlivaresCopyright 2012All rights reservedOriginally published on 6/12/2012 on HubPages.comRepublished 6/16/2012

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