Randomcreative: Etsy, HubPages and Beyond

Bust my buttons!

Today I am sporting my new button bracelet and earrings made by, randomcreative. She is none other than Rose Clearfield, HubPages author, blogger and Etsy store owner.

Rose has wonderful articles and they are frequently pinned on the very addicting Pinterest site. Find Randomcreative on Pinterest: here.

Rose's Etsy store is crazy fun and I really enjoyed browsing through all the goodies she has created. Randomly of course!

She has a grand assortment of colors, beads and buttons available and can create pretty much make any of the designs in the colors of your choice.
The jewelry I ordered (pictured) was purchased, created, received and shipped within 7 days.

Randomcreative on Etsy: here.
Oh, if you want to see more of Rose's awesome work you MUST check out her amazing site. randomcreativeart.com

Thanks Rose! I really do love em'!


  1. Thanks for the promo, Marisa! I'm so glad that you're enjoying your new pieces.

  2. Rose, the craftsmanship is beautiful. I've been wearing this set 2 - 3 times a week and not a day goes by that a co-worker doesn't say, "ohhhhh, where did you get that?"

    I'm telling them where! I promise! :)

  3. Beautiful people, beautiful jewelry, beautiful post! How fun!