Reflections and Perspectives: A Look into Mine

Look upon the water and reflect on its current. Don’t dive in blindly and let it sweep you away, floating aimlessly where others carry you. Did you even see where the current gained speed? As it swiftly pulled you into its depths? Beware! There are lies within churning white water. Swim! Don’t let your view be hindered from the approaching jagged rock. Reach for the shore and pull yourself out from flicking tongues of fluid flames. Hurry! Before smoldering lava forms steadfast hands across your arms and mouth. Don’t allow the current to drown your voice into the depths of suffocating confusion. Rise! Reach the surface before you hit the waterfall around the bend. Stand! Stand on the shore and gaze upstream and then stop and see where you are headed. Find your footing and move...move...move...Onward! 
Marisa Hammond Olivares, copyright 2012

Perspective is a point of view, but should it only be your own? Do you ever reflect on an opposing point of view, or of those that remain quiet? You just might be surprised of what you’ll find when evaluating an opposing opinion. It isn't just about your own point of view, it is about knowing that there is more than one side to every story. This understanding and acknowledgement then become knowledge. You need not agree or defend, but simply acknowledge and respect the voice of others. Do not stop a voice from being heard as sometimes the message does not lie in what they are saying but in where they have been. Learn from it and understand it. All of our shoes have been worn down through our own respective journeys.

Reflection – Although one should move forward and not dwell on the past, they should reflect on the various outcomes of their lives.  You cannot simply drive a car and not look into your side and rearview mirrors.  One should know what is coming up behind them and beside them.  We must learn when to yield, turn, stop or accelerate.  Do you know and assess your limitations and strengths? And, do you acknowledge those that travel the same road? Or, do you veer into their lanes? Forcing those around you to adjust their speed and direction? As you reflect on your journey, keep an open perspective towards those that share in your path and maybe move over when need be or speed up and keep with the pace.

Inquiry – Develop and nourish your own natural curiosity for learning and personal development. Reach for independent growth while providing a lending hand to those in need. Reach out, seek and assist, but do not boast of your knowledge. There is always another that knows more and will boast louder than your wail.  As you inquire to fulfill your needs, be reflective of what you’ve learned and keep an open perspective of those who enlightened you along the way.

Principled – Embrace integrity and honesty. Respond with fairness and community. Ensure solidarity and unity while acknowledging individuality with dignity and respect.  Lead yourself responsibly and accept the consequences of your actions. Evaluate the perspective of principled role models. Reflect on the consequences of your actions and inquire on how to perfect your pending journey. And never forget to defend and look upon the muffled, their voice is louder than you think...perhaps it is yours.
30 Striking Examples of Reflection in Photography
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all text is authored by,  Marisa Hammond Olivares,  copyright 2012

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  1. Beautiful post and picture. The top part sounds like a poem - one that spells out a need for determination. I try to find that determination in my own life...reach down into your soul because that light is there! I love it!

  2. "Respond with fairness and community." AMEN. Simply lovely reflection--makes me think!

  3. Great job... I often times reflect... I think it really makes you think! :)

  4. "All of our shoes have been worn down through our own respective journeys." How true! I loved this entire post.

  5. Cyndi, Angie, Julie, Stacy and Susan...
    Thanks so much to all of you for your supportive comments. Glad to see all of you here.