Student Quips: The 'sagetarian'

True stories of daily interactions with students.

Me: Standing in the hallway and monitoring the morning rush of middle school students.

Student #1: While opening her locker she tells her friend, 'I'm a sagetarian'

Student #2: Really? I didn't know you didn't eat meat.

Students #1 and #2: (Happily walk away while giggling and admiring their outfits.)

Student #3: (A well known Gifted and Talented student grunts, slams his locker and passes me while telling me) And this is the future of America I have to look forward to....sheesh!

Student #4: (Slamming his locker and chasing after student #3.) Dude, what's the problem?!

Student #3: (Flustered) She is supposed to say she is a vegetarian!

Student #4: Really? I didn't know she wanted to care for dogs.

Student #3: (Screams) Get away from me! You fricken' people are contagious!


Never a dull day, lol


  1. I would live for those days when students would make me laugh almost uncontrollably. I can't think of any stories off the top of my head, but there were times they brought happy tears to my eyes. :D

  2. Cyndi, These kids have made me cry laughing. They are so funny and it is neat to watch how their minds develop as they build their understanding in things. Those aha! moments are priceless. Throw in a few interesting personalities and my job is never, ever dull.