Countdown to Turkey Day: Reminiscing and Reflecting

I am defrosting two 18 pound turkeys in my sink. They were removed from the freezer Monday evening and placed in the fridge. This morning they were still very cold and hard to the touch. I'm not too worried though, I'm sure they will be ready for their respective turkey bags come morning. I usually just do a basic rub of butter, salt, pepper and sage. I've never used a brine, but I have always been tempted to give it a try. I was watching an episode of the Farmer's Wife and her brine piqued my interest. I believe it was water, vinegar, kosher salt, multi-colored peppercorns, rosemary twigs and orange slices. She placed the turkey in a large ziplock bag and added the brine, she then placed it in the fridge overnight. In the morning she removed the turkey from the brine and gave it a good rinse. She stated the bird may absorb too much salt so she soaks it in a large stock pot full of water (no heat) for about 30 minutes prior to drying it and seasoning it. I said, I'm tempted to try it. Maybe Christmas. Have you ever used a brine?
I tackled the grocery story this morning for my produce. I wanted everything to be as fresh as possible and my shopping excursion on Sunday just seemed way too early. I've made it a point to add everyone's requests for our meal tomorrow. My daughter Briana wants us to make roasted corn. I bought 24 fresh ears of corn and her Dad (my better half) will be firing up the pit for her special request. We are excited about having her home. She'll be flying in at 6pm and I can't wait to have my arms around her.

My husband has asked EVERYONE to bring him a pecan pie. He devours the stuff. Here is our pending menu:
Turkey (of course, I need to remember to save the wings for my mother in law. Heaven forbid I forget. Uhm, let's not go there.)
Candied Yams
Corn Dressing
Bread Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole
Roasted Corn
Mashed Potatoes
Turkey Gravy
Cranberry Sauce
Rolls and Croissants
Relish Tray
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Bud Light (my husband insists the pilgrims had Budweiser, lol) 
Dang it! I just remembered I forgot the cranberry juice! (calling mom in law as she is at Sam's!)

In the end, it is all about sharing with the family and making memories. I always tend to feel my paternal grandmother near me during these days. As I work my way through her various recipes and as I dust off her china cabinet I can't help but give a light smile. Although she passed 19 years ago I just know she is with me, you know?

May each of you have a wonderful day with family and friends. I am blessed to have made many new friends with my journey into online writing, HubPages and blogging. May you each be blessed with good times and good hearts. Cheers! MO

Wow, that awkward moment when you realize how old your childhood pictures are. This picture is over 40 yrs old (ouch, that hurt to type that). Dad looks like he's had a not so pleasant day and mom looks especially proud and refreshed for having cooked a Thanksgiving meal. Lord knows where my 4 older brothers are. 
Guess what? I'm sitting in the same kitchen,  at that very same table and right where my dad was sitting as I type this. It is those subtle realizations that make me sigh, smile and well, tear.  

By the way, my mom in law just called. She couldn't find the cranberry juice at Sam's and is on her way to Wal-Mart. She also told me she ordered two boxes of croissants from Sam's and that I need to pick them up at


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Marisa and loved seeing that picture you included. I know what you mean, most of my photos like that are over 30 years old and I cringe when I hear that number, too!!

    1. Hi Janine, reality sure has a way of going HA! hmmm, oh well, lol. I hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving with family and friends, may you have a beautifully blessed Holiday Season.

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a lovely day and the food sure sounds good. A Happy day to you and your family...Carol7777

    1. Carol, we had food, food and more food. I don't even want to open the fridge, it is packed to the gills with leftovers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I'm sure you're going to have a lovely weekend. Now with that all said what would you like me to bring for dinner ? Oh how I wish we lived close by each other so that we could sit and enjoy a meal together or chat over a cold beer. Maybe one of these days my dreams will come true.
    Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

    1. Susan!!! A HUGE hug is flying its way up to Canada for you!!! I wish we really were closer! I bet we could chat, laugh and cry for hours. And a cold brewski sounds fantastic. To our dreams! Cheers!

      One day, one, that would just be awesome! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Love ya!

  4. I am doing something a little different this year for my menu contributions... I wanted ti to be unique because even though we passed a list last year, everything I brought was duplicated... Not this year though... I am making a couple of unique appetizers!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Stacy, you are truly unique in the most fantastic way possible. I bet whatever you made rocked the house! If not, I bet YOU still managed to rock the house! LOL <3
      I hope you and your gorgeous kiddos and fab hubby had an exceptionally wonderful Thanksgiving and may this holiday season bring you many heartwarming memories and good times. Keep those blogs coming and dish out your nanowrimo novel. I'm proud to call you my cyber-friend,... you gorgeous mad woman you!! <3

  5. I'm so thankful to know you and to share a part of your wonderful life with you through blogging and hubbing. You're such a sweet, wonderful person! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Cyndi, hermana! amiga! I am so blessed to have met you on this fantastic online journey. You truly are talented, heartwarming and quite frankly...a kick ass friend. You have inspired me in so many ways and whether we are discussing the online world, goals, recipes, or childhood shenanigans I just know you are true to yourself and to your friends. Reach for the starts, they are there for the picking and you have quite an exceptional and diverse ya!
      Happy Thanksgiving friend.