Lunch with James Crowley: Author, Film Director, Location Manager

It isn't everyday one gets to have lunch with someone as interesting as James Crowley. This wasn't a fancy Hollywood setting either. Crowley came to speak with the students at my school. What a neat down to earth guy.
James Crowley is based out of Austin, Texas and is currently working on his third novel, the first of which is Starfish
I could sit and pick at this guy's brain for hours! What an interesting resume too. He has worked on numerous films as a film director, location manager and pretty much as a jack of all trades. He has rubbed elbows with the likes of Johnny Depp, Nicolette Sheridan and James Caan. His latest film work has been alongside Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine and Matthew McConaughey, for the movie Bernie. Uh, YEAH! I'm impressed this guy is even sitting in our south Texas library! Forget the fact he has a paper plate of pasta in front of him. Oh, and we can't forget his work with the Narnia series. Totally cool!
The kids and teachers were fascinated as he went through slide after slide of behind the scene shots. I had a class so I missed a significant portion of his presentation, darn!
Anyway, I sat in during the lunch with our most avid reading students and soaked in what I could. I even video taped some of the lunch discussions. I need to get those edited and published off of my iPad though. Anyway, be sure to check out his IMDB filmography bio and his book Starfish. We are trying to set up a group dinner, I'll be sure to write about that if it takes place. 
By the way, I found the following comment to be totally inspiring and passionate. I'm paraphrasing, 
I might be working on the next Narnia film, but I really want to sit down and write my next novel. Sometimes you need to decide between your passion and your job. Still not sure what I'll do yet.
Can you imagine having the opportunity to make this decision?


  1. How cool! I love the quote at the end and a wonderful opportunity indeed! Between you and Julie, and Stacy, ya'll are gettin' famous! Woohoo!! How awesome that someone so cool graced your school. Awesomesauce!

  2. Wow, how awesome is that?! To be able to have a face to face conversation with someone that actually lives and breaths a waking dream?! Exactly what CC said, Awesomesauce!