MissOlive's Classroom: Journal Prompts

Prompt: How do you help someone that doesn't want to be helped?

A couple of my classes have just finished reading Full Tilt by, Neal Shusterman. Blake, the main character and protagonist, is constantly watching over and bailing out his brother Quinn. The prompt above will be presented after reviewing and discussing the following section of the novel.

Full Tilt: Page 88
"What's out there for me, huh?" Quinn's eyes flowed with tears, and those tears flowed with a dozen different emotions. "What's ever been out there for me? When I'm at home, it's like I'm...it's like I'm empty on the inside. You don't know what that's like." They say that before someone takes their own life, there's always a cry for help. Sometimes it's loud, and you have to be seriously deaf not to hear it. Sometimes it's just a word or a look, like the look Quinn was giving me right now. I might have been deaf to it before, but that look screamed louder than anything now. I had no skill in talking someone in from the edge, and that space between us was still a whole universe wide. "Quinn..." 'It's not your job to save me, so give it up, huh? Please...just give it up."

Parents: This book is listed as a 6th grade book in the state of Texas. It does cover some tough issues. Parents, please don't underestimate the thought process and real life issues your teen may be reading and analyzing. Talk to them about what they are reading and how they feel. Connections to novels and real life are a great way to communicate with your kids. 

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