Holey Underwear! I'm Going Down Under!

A Relay Writing Prompt Project

Join the writing prompt project. Follow the forum for this project and join in wherever you feel inspired to write. Each hub in the project begins with a prompt that a previous hubber ended their story with.
Holey Underwear! I'm Going Down Under! was inspired by barryrutherford's hub, 'it's the police on the phone, they want to speak to you!" his ending prompt was - A policewoman in uniform walked in and stood forlorn and silent and stood against the wall near the door.FYI - the word 'holey' is not a typo. Please refer to the links at the bottom of this hub for links to the different references in this hub. :)

Holey Underwear! I'm Going Down Under!

A policewoman in uniform walked in and stood forlorn and silent and stood against the wall near the door. The smell of her perfume intermingled with the stench of a cigarette she must have just smoked. She shifted her eyes from me to the coffee cup in her hands. Finally, a deep sigh and she looks at me with probing unsettled eyes. Marisa, we need your help. I could tell by her cautiousness and calculated tone that this was not about to be an easy task. Look, I don’t even know why I’m here. How can I possibly help you? Another sigh and she pours herself a cup of murky black coffee that looks rancid and thick because it must have simmered all night. She methodically spoons in clumpy dried creamer and presses the clumps against the side of her cup with a stained plastic spoon. Contemplating her next move she tosses the spoon against some crumpled napkins… there has been an accident and we need you to piece together a puzzle and prove your innocence. Innocence? A puzzle? What kind of puzzle? Marisa, it seems that you know more about this situation than you care to admit. Ever heard of the name Sholland10? I quickly look up and gasp, Susan? Yes, what about her? Is she ok? Studying me she responds, not really. She has been in an accident and we are suspecting you have instigated this. What? Are you kidding me?...her firm stare tells me she isn’t. We have confirmed reports that you are working with tsmog and you call him by the name Mitch. You see Marisa, we know you called tsmog in December and told him, 'get this done Mitch'. I begin to laugh hysterically as I start to quickly realize the confusion. The policewoman slams her coffee cup on the counter and sneers, how can you sit there and show no remorse? Remorse! I exclaim. It is obvious you are seriously mistaken. You have been reading my HubPages relay-writing project haven’t you? Come on Marisa, you know that’s just a cover up. I begin to get nervous as I realize this may not be a fictional situation after all. I look deep into her eyes and settle back into the cracked leather chair. What do you want to know? She offers a triumphant smile and grabs a file. She pulls out a photo and slides it across the table. It is an image I’ve seen before. The beautiful silver Mercedes Benz convertible looking back up at me is unmistakable. Barry, I whisper. What does he have to do with this? Well, that’s where you come in. It seems there is some confusion. Mr. Barry Rutherford is not the owner of the car. It is registered to a Sarah Wilson. I look up confused. She grabs the picture and tosses it back into the file. Sarah Wilson is the granddaughter of the Eminent Activist Justice Wilson who serves on the High Court of Australia. Ok, and? This is what we know, the car that caused sholland10’s accident is the Mercedes Benz that belongs to Sarah Wilson, but we have already confirmed that Ms. Wilson left the country immediately after a late night rendezvous with Barry Rutherford. We need you to help prove Barry did not cause sholland10’s accident. How can I prove that? I stammered. We found Barry’s iphone in the car. Marisa, there is a very complicated ring here. Tsmog is not just an author playing a fictional fighter pilot named Mitch. Sarah drugged Barry’s champagne and took his real iphone and left a copy in its place in the car. She wanted us to believe he caused the accident. A surveillance video at the intersection shows Mitch caused the accident with the Benz. The airport has already confirmed Mitch flew Sarah and and a very groggy Barry out of the country. We don’t think Barry is conscious of what happened and it is very possible that sholland10 is just an innocent bystander. We are waiting for her to regain consciousness in the hospital. We need you to help us find out why Sarah and Mitch might be after Barry and his iphone. Since you contacted Mitch in December we know you are in on it. The only way for you to get out of this is to work with the feds and find the real culprit. By the way, there is one more thing. Sholland10 had a temporary moment of lucidity and scribbled a note that she asked us to give you. The investigator pulls out a folded paper from her pocket and tosses it in front of me. I unfolded the paper. The forced handwriting makes me begin to believe this may all be really happening. Despite my concern I can't help but smile at the message... bring pretty underwear. Mine is holey! The agitated investigator suddenly snaps the note out of my hands as I giggled nervously at the note. Get your passport and pack your bags, you are headed for Australia! I grabbed my things and…
Your writing prompt isGet your passport and pack your bags, you are headed for Australia! I grabbed my things and…

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