Temptations: Why am I eating this?

I try to avoid the teacher's lounge at all costs. I never know what tempting goodies I might find. My will power is usually pretty strong and I can usually avoid the common varieties of calorie filled food. Most of them are highly processed with Lord knows what.

Today was the exception. A fellow teacher and I were discussing some of the difficulties we face and as I rushed out with my warm newly printed copies pressed against my chest I unconsciously grabbed a bright orange pumpkin cookie. This thing is crazy orange. 

I was halfway down the hallway when I realized what I had done. I had not even bitten into it yet. Well, obviously I eventually gave in and bit off the top. Ok, so it was good, but my tongue feels like it is coated in all things unnatural. Yuck!

So, why do we do this? Give in to temptation? Most of you know I write about healthy foods and encourage supplementing our diets with nutritious foods. I actually sorta feel guilty about even eating this thing. Sorta.

Hmmmm, perhaps I should start a series on will power and temptations. Now, wouldn't that be an interesting can of worms?

Whoa Woman! I am Hypertensive: High Blood Pressure

Having hypertension is no laughing matter. I hate it and I avoid thinking about it. This may not necessarily be a good thing. I need to become more vigilant about the fact that I have high blood pressure. It runs in my family. Although my Dad and paternal grandmother lived well into their 80's, they did suffer from HBP as well as strokes. In fact, it was a stroke that eventually snagged my grandmother away from us.
My mom also has HBP and has had other health issues. So, the odds are inevitably against me. I need to be more vigilant and I'm actually pretty good about it. At least I thought I was. Yesterday gave me a pretty healthy scare (excuse the pun). After an unexpected trip to the emergency room, I came home with a new prescription for my hypertension. I make it sound like it was a leisurely trip, I guess I should throw in the vampire inflicted blood work, chest x-ray, brain scan and probing questions. The nurse made it a point to bring on the hand slapping scare tactics with terms like, widow maker and silent killer. Telling me how my kids need me and my husband too. Well, all of my tests came back clean, even the brain scan, all my marbles were in their cozy little nooks. Surprised? yes, I was especially relieved about that one.
Ok, let me back up. Apparently, the start of a new school year and the additional stresses of my 'normal life' were enough for my body to say, WHOA Woman, Slow Down!!!!! One major dizzy spell later, I rode a wheelchair out of my classroom, leaving my bug eyed students behind with the adorable Mr. Smith. I can only imagine the rumors I'll return to (these are middle school students, they probably already burried me). Darn, and I was really getting into my lesson on poetry too! They may not remember similes and metaphors, but they will definitely remember Mrs. Olivares being rolled out of the room in a wheelchair (grumble....snicker). I should write a poem about it and turn it into a lesson for them. Hey, it will make the learning experience genuine. My marbles are rumbling again. Onward...
Interestingly, I have already done quite a bit of research on hypertension, blood pressure readings and I've even researched foods that naturally lower blood pressure. I made it a point to review all of my findings this morning and decided this would be a good time to lump them together and share them with you as well.
Take the time to check yourself out and make sure your readings are normal. Pass on the fries and greasy good stuff. Give your family an extra squeeze and take a nice healthy breath.

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