Autism: Sharing Today's Affirmation and Why You Should Never Give Up (Inspiration)

I had an extraordinary experience and a moment of long awaited confirmation with my 14 year old son today. He grabbed my face, looked me in the eye and said, "Look at me".  He said it with the same drawn out playful tone I used to use when he was a nonverbal, tantrum throwing, head banging toddler. A toddler that refused to look at me. He then says, "remember you used to tell me that?" ... "Yes", I said.  He then took it one step further and surprised me even more. He playfully said, "you thought I wasn't looking at you but I could still see you, do you remember?".  I gave him a huge smile and said, "yes". And that was it, he let go of my face and walked away smiling. My heart is full and oh so warm.
So please, do not ever underestimate the mind of a child with autism and how far they can progress with age, wisdom, therapy and determination.  I personally do not believe in a cure, but I do believe in growth, awareness and development. With that said, fellow autie mom's, dad's, teachers, caregivers and therapists ...never, ever give up. They ARE listening and seeing all that you do.

Peace and Strength, Marisa <3

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  1. This is so sweet and exciting. Tonito sounds phenomenal and so sweet! You're such a sweet, wonderful mama...abracitos!!

    1. It was such a special moment and he knows how to light up a room. I just had to share. Thank you Cyndi!

  2. What a lovely, touching post Marisa. That really sounds like such a special moment. I definitely applaud you for not giving up - quite right!

    1. Hi Yvonne! I'm so glad you found my post. It truly was a special moment and I wanted to be sure and share it. Being a special needs mom can surely feel like a long and never ending uphill climb; milestones and affirmations are what keep us going. I'm grateful for your support.