Education: Move Over Mundane Note Taking

Marisa Hammond Olivares

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Education: The purpose and outcomes of note taking

Ever stop to wonder what the purpose of note taking is? I tend to teach my students to quickly focus on valid keywords and context clues. This world is not slowing down and technology is buzzin' quicker than they can jot a note, or form a thought. 'Be quick and receptive'  has been the latest tagline on my whiteboard. Know what? They like it. And I am seeing a conscientious improvement in speed, analysis and retention of information. Did I mention I teach remedial readers in middle school?

Inspired by: Why We Need a Moratorium on Meaningless Note-Taking By, Susan Lucille Davis

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  1. I need to adopt this policy: I take way too many notes for my own good. Hehe. I like the idea of the valid keywords and context clues. :D