Social Media: #hashtag, What is a Hashtag? And How do I Use It?

By, Marisa Hammond Olivares

Topic: #Hashtags

Whether you call it a hash-tag, or hashtag, it is HOW you use it that will make a world of difference in who sees what you are sharing. Hashtags are found on Twitter, Google+ and are now visible in other social venues; so what is the purpose of this # sign in front of words? Some call it a keyword for searching topics, but the benefits of searching these topics can be extraordinary, especially if you are trying to get the word out.

Let me explain, you have your followers on Twitter and Google+ right? They can see whatever you post, but if you add a #hashtag it opens up your post to the social media world. In other words, the hashtag allows others who are NOT following you to see your post and content links. 

Try it, go to and search #education, #autism or another topic of your choice. You will now find posts related to your searched #hashtag. Informative (and sometimes not so informative, but usually entertaining) posts you might have otherwise not seen due to not following the original poster now appear for you to surf. Pretty cool eh?

First, a hash-tag is not a #hashtag unless it has a pound sign in front of it. 

  • #             <--- pound sign
  • hashtag   <--- wrong
  • #hashtag <--- right

Second, you do not want any spaces within your hash-tagged word, or words.

  • #social media  <---wrong
  • #socialmedia   <---right

Third, use words that will focus and direct traffic toward your topic, or main idea. Here are a few examples: 

Example of #autism tweets
  • #news
  • #education
  • #music
  • #nyc
  • #art
  • #museums
  • #travel
  • #photography
Tip: Have a local business? Include your city's name in a hashtag when tweeting or posting on Google+; your local social media gurus will likely follow and gift you with a valuable re-tweet, or share. The same goes for national or international agendas. 

Example of twitter trends
Feeling trendy and want to stay up on current social events? The left hand sidebar on usually features trending #hashtags. These might inspire you to jump in on the daily action with a response or a crafty blog post; this a great way to venture into the virtual social world far beyond your current followers. 

A word about spam, integrity and credibility. Don't compromise your intentions and hard work! Try to limit your hashtags to a max of 3 per post. Use relevant topics for your hashtags; cheating the system can cheat you out of your valuable twitter account...not good.

Happy tagging! MO


  1. This is tacobliss. Yes, this could be big. I mean...dang...I #forget #touse #hashtags.
    I went to twitter and did as you suggested and I found A BUNCH of stuff.

    1. tacobliss...haha NOM!
      Glad you found more stuff to see and do. Lot's of info out there. Always glad to see you on my blog. Your photography at is looking phenomenal.... huge fan, great job.

  2. I had no idea of a #hashtag'simportance ...brilliant! Great blog post!!!

    1. Hi Audra! Thanks! So nice to see you. Yes, hashtags can make a difference when searching and sharing. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  3. Wow thanks for sharing girls. MO! I forgot you had this blog or I never knew! WAY cool!

    1. Hey there Kelly! Well, even I forget I have this blog! LOL Way too much going on during the testing season at school. Glad to see your gorgeous self.