I'm a Time Digger and Marissa Mayer is Holding an Educational Shovel

Many women (and men, let's not be sexist) are labeled as gold diggers. Today, at least until my direction changes, I am a time digger. I NEED time to do all the things my ambitious heart and soul desire. Ok, I admit it, I thrive on the stress of deadlines. Deadlines with real purpose that is, if I don't see the purpose my motivation swirls wistfully down the drain. This is where Marissa Mayer comes in; as I rummaged through my ever growing twitter feed I came across two reflective articles about her, the articles were deeply rooted with a theme of time and purpose.

TIME - I can't even imagine what Ms. Mayer's to do list looks like, I'd LOVE to see it though. Mashable's Kurt Wagner recently published Marissa Mayer Thrives Off a Never Ending To Do List. Priority is of course the key to creating her list, and not becoming overwhelmed with an unfinished list is simply part of enjoying the journey (as in don't stress). Some of the key points were as follows -

"You have to ruthlessly prioritize. If I did [get to the bottom of the list] it would be a real bummer," Mayer said. "Because think about all those things at the very bottom of your to-do list that really shouldn't take time out of your day." 

My thoughts: But, what if someone else is making your to-do list? Like your employer. No sooner did I think it I came across a second article about Marissa Mayer. This one was about her PB&J e-mail. Sandwiches? I thought to myself. I pictured Friday Jean Day with picnic lunches in the courtyard, but no...it was better...

PURPOSE - Marissa was still somewhat new to Yahoo! when she sent out an early Saturday morning e-mail (12:45am) to the employees. In it she introduced the PB&J model and it awakened the corporation with a much needed platform. I quickly learned PB&J stands for: Purpose, Bureaucracy and Jams. I became very intrigued.

The e-mail included -

"Process blocking your success?  Bureaucracy getting you down?  Jammed by problems and see a solution?  We're looking at how to streamline process, reduce bureaucracy, and remove jams - PB&J!
We're launching PB&J today to gather your feedback on how to make Yahoo!
the absolute best place to work.  Share your ideas on what would make your job easier, boost your productivity, and help solve problems.
What's on your wish list for our corporate culture and work environment?

Isn't this wonderful? She is such an inspirational woman and leader. Giving a sense of ownership and a voice has proven to be the key time and time again in successful organizations. It also happens to be a great tool in the home and classroom. It promotes responsibility and problem solving - all the things we need to accomplish a worthy to-do list (notice the word worthy - as in worthwhile). Gosh, I wish the school districts around the country would adopt the PB&J concept - can you imagine unlocking the gridlock of education? We might actually learn something...and have the time to teach it too. Hmmm...

Incidentally, I came across another tasty tidbit for leadership models. Eric Schmitt was Ms. Mayer's mentor and she mentioned how he taught her to listen. She referenced the following advice: "Your team is offense, executives are defense. It is your job (executives) to listen to them and to understand where they are going and to basically help clear the path. So they can run as far and as fast in the direction they want to go as they can."

Did you hear that?

Ready to run

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