Education: Create a Pinterest Board for your Students

Pinterest has grown in popularity and is a wonderful way for building vast resources for your students. It is also a great opportunity to help students build their research skills. Be creative and think about how you can incorporate a Pinterest board in your lesson plan and simply provide a link to your students via your school blog or Edmodo platform. You could even create a group board and give them extra credit for pinning additional resources. Or, how about making it a digital bibliography lesson and have students create their own boards in support of their research project.

Pinterest Ideas for your Classroom Boards:

Links to Authors
Links to Books
Links to Images
Links to Movies
Links to YouTube and other video sites - Tone and Mood Words
Links to Historical events
Links to support your state's history (Texas board on Pinterest)
Links to Historical figures (Anne Frank board on Pinterest)
Links to related articles and news
Links to Quizlet (interactive flashcard and testing site) - The Giver: Vocabulary Chapter 1

Go for it, use your imagination and help your students build their understanding of research in our ever evolving digital age.

Helpful Links -
How to Create Group Boards on Pinterest
How to Create Secret Boards on Pinterest

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