The Colors on your Paintbrush

Poetry - The Colors on your Paintbrush

The healing and compassionate shades of blue
the serenity of green
the passion of red
the majesty of purple
the truth and sincerity of white
the mystery of black
the bright and witty yellow
the memories which make up gold
these are the colors you have painted across the horizon of my imagination
the colors imprinted on my heart
Am I half the painter I have found in you?
Never the superficial colors which will wash away when it rains yours are deep vivid colors...
A landscape rich in color for me to escape to...a sanctuary of warmth
What is the painting the tip of your brush is creating?
Can I play in the evolving scenery of color and make paint angels as if it is snow?
Perhaps I am the canvas? The colors? The paint? The portrait? A fellow collaborator? The inspiration? Or, maybe the brush?
Regardless of what my role may be - may I continue to evolve as a work in progress...never completed, always renewed.

Marisa Hammond Olivares
Copyright 2016

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